Pars Sina Alborzinitially called the Pars Sina bulk- started its activity with the production of hygienic products in 2005. In 2007, the company changed to Pars Sina Alborz (Ltd) and then became Private Joint Stock in 2013.

The managers have been trying to use the best materials since the beginning.Our fixed and permanent policy is good response to consumer confidence that makes the reputation of the products. Consumers satisfaction has always been a strong focus for us. Our strategy is innovation, rapid effectiveness and Compatibility with the environment.

Research group of company is ready to receive new ideas for new products and improvement of recent products , e-mail:"info@sinapars.com" that is available.

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    Saffrino „JOLLAB“ :

    Jollab syrup – Saffrino as our brand – is made on the basis of Iranian traditional medicine. The main material is saffron that assigned as "Herbal medicine of third Millennium" .Saffron is not only a plant but a pharmacy.

    In addition to numerous effects on health, pleasant flavor encourage completion of the course of treatment.

    Saffrino has anti-depressants , reinforcing heart & refreshing effects.


    Superiority of Saffrino : high-speed effect without side effects & limited contraindications ( diabetes melitus &pregnancy ).

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    TALKHAK Bitter drop

    Talkhak - bitter drop: Infant weaning after 2 years has a good role to develop physical and mental children's personality. Talkhak is made for weaning. It may be used for discouraging nail biting and thumb sucking as well. Talkhak is a harmless fluid and prevents undesirable behavior with a bitter taste.

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    Darchi syrup

    Darchi syrup“

    Darchi is made on basis of Iranian traditional medicine. The main material is cinnamon. Darchi is not only a medicine but also as an enjoyable drink especially with tea and coffee.It is useful in all diseases that are caused by a cold temperament for example Idiopathic Nocturia. You can use Darchi in child above 5 after that you are sure your child is healthy. ( rule out of infection and so on )

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    HALVA SHEKAR PAREUnderweight – like overweight – is sometimes a sign of diseases and sometimes can cause diseases. The person with underweight does not have enough power to perform daily activities and often feel faint.
    Underweight can have multiple medical reasons: Hormonal disorders , infectious diseases , Psychological stress & … that they should be treated. Assuming that person has no medical problems , should be taken more calories. In healthy people can be reached to the desired weight with "HALVA SHEKAR PARE" consumption.
    HALVA SHEKAR PARE is made on basis of Iranian traditional medicine and has a pleasant taste that encourage consumer to use it. This product can be used in adults and children , the simplicity of its preparation provide comfortability for mothers and other consumers. Simply stir the product and pour it in a pan and add water , then heat it to consolidate, Tasty fresh halva is ready to use in less than 5 minutes!